About Us

Front façade, circa 1900

Front façade, circa 1900

Founded in 1848, Mathewson Street United Methodist Church is the oldest surviving Methodist Church in Providence. The joyful worship of God by all persons—regardless of age, race, national origin, sexual orientation, or ability—is the central focus of our congregational life and ministry. Provocative and engaging preaching is enriched by liturgy emphasizing congregational participation. The organ, vocal choir, solo musicians, and instrumental ensembles present music in a wide variety of styles.

The Eucharist is celebrated every Sunday.

Our current membership is 150, with an average worship attendance of 55. Annual worship attendance totals 2,800.

The present building has been in use since 1896, when it replaced the congregation’s earlier 1851 structure. The church exterior resembles a commercial structure, until closer inspection reveals traditional religious forms and symbols. Though modernized over the years, the sanctuary remains an intimate and quiet room, whose oak pews are set in concentric arcs radiating outward from the chancel....

The pulpit is centrally placed, and a massive cross featuring circles representing the world hangs above the distinctive round Communion table. A large dome transmits soft light over the entire setting...

An open, adjoining space contains a library, toys, and a seating area for children and those with special seating needs.

The "Black Box" theater and rental space

The "Black Box" theater and rental space

Our church has unique space in downtown Providence that is available for long- and short-term rentals. We have a newly renovated commercial kitchen with an adjacent 2800 square foot hall, a black box theater, a serene chapel, and smaller meeting space that is perfect for programming, trainings, and offices. Suitable for non-profits, families, start-up businesses, and those that are independently owned. We are the perfect venue for weddings, reunions, fitness workshops, culinary trainings, pop-up dinners, dances, fundraisers, and parties.

Please call the church office at 401.331.8900 if you are interestedin renting space for a religious event or go to the 134 Collaborative website (www.134collaborative.org) to get further information on space rental or call 401.331.1069.

Our church also  has a number of small and large gathering spaces that are available on a short or long term basis.